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Our Story

The Asset Market is a business-to-business software and services platform that seeks to accelerate the delivery of smart and connected services to society by making it faster and easier to deploy the equipment needed to make these services work.

The potential of 5g, smart and IoT technologies is vast and inspiring, with the potential to revolutionize aspects of our lives including commerce, health care, energy, transport, logistics and social engagement, to name a few.

However, to make smart and connected societies a reality, a vast amount of outside equipment – antennas, EV charging stations, cameras, digital kiosks and other sensors – needs to be deployed.

Our digital platform connects the ‘asset owners’ (owners of places those devices can go such as local government, private landlords and utilities) with the device installers, or ‘service providers’ that need to install devices including EV charging firms, telecoms carriers and technology firms. 

Our Values

Open. We believe that the best way to connect asset owners and tenants is through an open marketplace which is transparent, fair, and with broad enough participation to make it a one stop shop for both parties.



Technology for good. We believe that the technology which powers smart and connected societies can transform our communities for the better, and that by improving access we can help improve peoples' lives.

Efficient. We are passionate about making the deployment of technology convenient, fast and cost effective - for asset owners, tenants and ultimately for the people whom the technology serves. We standardize, streamline, automate and innovate to achieve this.


Responsible. Technology deployment should be safe, compliant with regulations and respectful of its stakeholders.

Meet some of our team

Jeff Davis
CEO, Founder
Kelsey Morrissey
Chief Customer Officer
Alana Archer
Customer Lead, UK & EU

About us

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