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A cross-industry solution

5g has the potential to transform our lives for the better by offering wireless data capabilities that can power wide ranging improvements to transport, commerce, health care and other aspects of our lives.  It does this by allowing a very large number of devices to connect to the wireless network, accommodating large data volumes at high speeds.  However, whilst the current generation of 4g signals can travel many kilometres, 5g signals typically travel a couple hundred metres or less.

As a result, 5g requires a 10x increase in the number of antennas, which need to be located on everyday structures where we live, work, play and travel.  For 5g to be realized, the process of identifying and acquiring sites for antennas needs to be fast and inexpensive.  Asset Market connects asset owners and tenants to make this happen.

Streetlight with antenna.jpg

Electric vehicles can help us to move to a greener society by reducing the emissions from burning fossil fuels.  However, their batteries need to be charged just like you fill the tank of your car.  This requires a network of charging stations to allow us to recharge our vehicles at home, at work and midway through our journeys.  Whilst EV chargers are becoming more prevalent, the number will need to increase by 20x to meet future demand.

The current processes to find sites for EV chargers, assess adequacy of power connections and receive approvals is complex and time consuming, and presents a significant barrier to EV use.  Asset Market makes it easier to find sites for EV chargers and to coordinate the approvals and permits across stakeholders, so that we can charge our electric vehicles when and where we require.

EV charger on promenade.jpg

Smart Road Transport

Road transport is undergoing a technological revolution with smart traffic systems powered by cameras and other sensors  helping to improve traffic flow and reduce journey times, saving fuel and increasing the capacity of our road network.  Smart parking systems use cameras and digital kiosks to help us find parking spaces, to make payment seamless and to make enforcement easier.  Ultimately, driverless cars may change our lives dramatically by freeing up driving time for more useful pursuits.


All of these require a substantial amount of cameras, sensors and street furniture to be deployed on our road network.  Current processes to acquire sites can be complex, particularly where multiple landowners or third party service providers are involved.  The Asset Market brings these parties together to facilitate the real estate transactions needed to deploy the required equipment to make smart transport work.

Driverless cars on motorway.jpg

Internet of Things

Once 5g connectivity is widely available, the possibilities seem immense for innovative systems of sensors, data and processing power to transform so many aspects of our life, including energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing and entertainment.  These innovations will require a vast amount of sensors to be deployed in very large numbers at very low cost.


Asset Market provides the platform where asset owners and service providers can connect to efficiently agree sites for placement of devices to help us to realize the benefits of the IoT revolution.

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