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Our Solutions

Asset Market

 Our marketplace provides a digital forum which connects asset owners to prospective tenants.  Asset owners can offer their sites for lease and tenants can find the sites they need to deploy their smart and connected devices.  Once a match is made, the marketplace makes permit applications and real estate agreements efficient and easy through a standardized online process.  The marketplace then helps you to manage the owner-tenant relationship over the lifecycle of the asset, including settlement, contract renewal and maintenance notifications.


The net result?  Owners put more of their assets to work faster, increasing revenue and delivering services sooner to their citizens and customers.  Tenants implement their devices faster and at lower cost, so they can focus on delivering their services to customers.

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The rapid growth of smart and connected technologies, and the large number of devices that need to be deployed over the next few years, creates complexity and uncertainties for asset owners and tenants.  We bring deep industry expertise to help you to understand how the growth in these technologies will impact your organization, and the opportunities and challenges they will bring.  We then help you to understand your options and to select and implement the practical responses to prepare for the future.


Whilst the Asset Market platform makes it easy for asset owners to market and manage their assets, we also offer additional outsourcing services where we make your life easier by taking on the full process for asset marketing, permits, contracts and lifecycle management.

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