Why Choose Us

How we help asset owners

Asset owners include municipalities, utilities and private landowners that have assets which can be desirable for the hosting of smart and connected devices.  Asset owners face growing expectations from their customers and citizens, who want to benefit from a range of services of a smart and connected society such as 5g, public Wifi, EV charging stations, intelligent traffic and parking, and other IoT-enabled conveniences.  Asset owners are also increasingly required by governments and regulators to offer access to their assets to prospective tenants in a fair and transparent manner which encourages access and competition.

There is currently no standardized, easy way for asset owners to market their assets and to secure tenants.  The processes tend to be manually intensive and time consuming, created at a time where a low number of relatively expensive devices needed to be deployed.  Today, they are increasingly required to accommodate a very large number of comparably inexpensive assets - to be deployed at a rate of 10 to 100 times the volumes of the past.

The Asset Market helps to solve this problem by offering the following benefits to asset owners:

  • Increased revenue from the lease of assets

  • Delivery of smart and connected services sooner to customers and citizens

  • Reduction of internal time and cost to process applications and permits, whilst avoiding backlogs as volumes dramatically increase

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements alongside increased control to ensure standards for safety and aesthetics are met

  • Increased ability to encourage co-sharing between tenants to avoid unnecessary proliferation of devices

How we help tenants

Tenants include telecommunications carriers, smart service providers and third party infrastructure investors who need to deploy devices to offer new and improved services to their customers.  Like Asset Owners, they face growing expectations for services which will improve people’s lives.

Tenants face substantial headwinds because of the large number of devices that need to be deployed, efficiently and at low cost.  Figuring out which sites are available for their equipment is expensive and time consuming, and limited information can make it hard to make the right decisions.  Application and permit processes are typically expensive and lengthy, with every counterparty requiring something different.  Ultimately, it’s really tough to deploy devices at scale for the benefit of the customer.

The Asset Market helps to solve this problem by offering the following benefits to tenants:

  • Easier to find the best sites = better service to customers

  • Faster and more predictable deployment = earlier service for customers

  • Lower costs from site acquisition through the asset lifecycle

  • Less internal effort and distraction to deliver infrastructure

  • Increased potential to save costs through asset sharing / co-location